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Grachan Moncur III ''Now's The Time

A 'Live' performance July 27th 2008 @ ''Jammin' On The Hudson'' from the 'Inimitable' Grachan Moncur III, of ''Now's The Time'' by Charles Christopher Parker Jr. With Greg Murphy; Piano, Kevin Riley; Bass,Richard Pearson; Drums and Special Guest; Josh Evans; Trumpet. Co-Produced by Brownstone Entertainment Complex, LLC, Lee O. Bass III, President.

The Concert Ensemble - ''Ballad Suite''

Josh Evans, Rene McLean, Kiani Zawadi, Charles Davis jr., Allen Palmer, Emanuel Harrold and Mickey Bass; "The Concert Ensemble","Jammin' On The Hudson" on August 10th 2008. "Ballad" & "Suite 2C" written by Mickey Bass, (c)1981 LOB III MUSIC CO. Co-Produced by Brownstone Entertainment An 'M2M' Movie.

Dave Valentin; ''Little Sunflower''

The cool breezy flute of Dave Valentin, "Jammin' On The Hudson" with Freddie Hubbards' "Little Sunflower". With: Bob Coranta; Keyboards, Ray Martinez; Bass, Anthony Carillo; Congas and Phoenix Rivera; Drums.