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''Reverend Stee'' The N.Y.Powerhouse Ensemble

"Reverend Stee"; A Tribute to Stanley Turrentine; Music Composed by Mickey Bass (c)1994 LOB III Music Co. "The New York Powerhouse Ensemble": Bobby Watson on Alto Sax, Steven Scott on Keyboards, Mickey Bass on Bass, Eric Allen on Drums, Charles Davis jr. on tenor sax @ "Jammin' on The Hudson"

''Greer's Here''

Composer Mickey Bass (c)1980 LOB III MUSIC CO. A live performance from the Historic, Landmark Harlem Jazz Club "Minton's Playhouse", by Mickey Bass & His "Manhattan Burn Unit", November 11th 2006. Featuring; World-renowned Bassist Mickey Bass, and a new and rising star on the horizon Josh Evans. A "Brownstone Entertainment 2" Production, Lee O. Bass III, C.E.O. An "M2M Movie"

Suite 2C - Mickey Bass & His ''Manhattan Burn Unit''

Part 1: A live Performance from the Jazz Historic 18th & Vine, "Blue Room" in Kansas City. Legendary Bassist Mickey Bass Leads His "Manhattan Burn Unit": Sharp Radway on Piano; Charles Davis Jr. on Saxophone; & Emanuel Harrold on Drums in His Composition; "Suite 2C" (c)LOB III MUSIC CO.1981