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Hardbop Tweets

Another Way Out (Code: EBCD-103)

Another Way Out
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MICKEY BASS & His "Manhattan Burn Unit" 

"Bass player Mickey Bass didn't shoot the Piano player...He just didn't bring one to his gig at the "One Step Down". Nor was the instrument missed last night, what with the melodic bent of the Quartets' Leader and the pianistic approach of Vibist Steve Nelson. 

The credentials of the four include work with Art Blakey, Freddie Hubbard and Dexter Gordon, and it shows in the brightness of their compositions and their familiarity with the modern Jazz tradition. 

Alto Saxophonist Bobby Watson dived from on high at the first note of "One For Trane" and soared for five minutes or more over the gale force of the others. Nelson combined rhythmic boost with long flowing lines out of which surfaced brief quotes from other tunes. 

(W. Royal Stokes, The Washington Post) 

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