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Hardbop Tweets

The Reunion Legacy Band (Code: EBCD-102)

The Reunion Legacy Band
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"This recording features a sextet performing in a mid-sixties post-hard bop style consisting of mostly original compositions ("I'm Getting Sentimental Over You", done with a pointilistic horn arrangement, being the lone exception). The material is somewhat varied - Bartz' Calypso flavored "Do A Funny Dance"; Moncurs' Waltz "A For Pops" ( a tribute to Louis Armstrong, featuring a lyrical Bass solo by Mickey Bass); Hicks' "Avotcja" (reminiscent of Herbie Hancocks'"Eye of The Hurricane"); Tollivers' 'Jazz Messengers' tinged "Franess" and Bass' two numbers; "The Juggler" and "Brother Rick"; the former is also done with Blakeys' spirit in mind, and the latter conjures up Coltranes' "Giant Steps"....."

(Eugene Holley Jr. Jazz Times)

"There is a special magic which occurs when top-flight Musicians ‘jell’ into one cohesive unit. That magic can be all the more enhanced…..when they come together once again".
"The Jazz mainstream spans the Globe, connecting Continents, crossing time zones, splitting into countless tributaries. This new recording represents one of the first entries from the new Early Bird Records; a 'straight-ahead' label, who's Owner and Artistic Director, Bassist Mickey Bass, includes among his credits, stints with The 'Jazz Messengers', Sonny Rollins and Gloria Lynne. This production is a studio outing from late 1990; a strong 'Post-bop' session that leans towards the 'Avant-garde' without lapsing into a melodic meandering.The Reunion Legacy Band unites long-time friends; three ex-'Messengers' (Bass, Bartz and Hicks) and several onetime Howard University students (Bass, Tolliver and Hart).
Their most telling commonality, however, is their insistence on invention within the acoustic tradition. In terms of pure swing, the opening cut (and only standard), "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You", sets the CDs' overall mood, on a joyous, pungently horn-voiced chestnut, that recalls the Big-band heyday. The other six numbers on this 51 minute CD reflect the various improvisatory and compositional talents of the sextet; Bass chipped in two numbers, while Hicks, Bartz, Tolliver and Moncur add one apiece.
Don't let the "outside" reputation of these cats dissuade you from checking out THE LEGACY. This is focused, direct, high-impact Music."

(Jazz Column by Gene Kalbacker, CMJ, New Music Report)

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